The festival broadcast alternating artists performances and live interviews in which curators use the tv channel to experiment their point of view on web performance through the web.

Interviews were conducted by asking curators to select certain questions from a list of ten, they then answered these questions during a live broadcast. Here, the main goal was to develop a debate around OLP and around the performance categories of the 2010 festival edition. In fact, some of the questions posed offered curators the opportunity to call into question the utility of categories themselves.
During the festival, interviews accompanied both the OLP and the archive as a means of further investigating and researching performance art.
The overall festival format was constructed in such a way so as to serve as a critical body that could be useful for the festival audience.

The questions below:

1) What is the difference between live performance and web performance?
2) Live performance lets a motion feedback in the audience. Can web performance do that?
3) What people expect on web TV rather than ordinary TV
4) Can a web channel stimulate a sexual aspect of performance?
5) Which performance category could be more contemporary?
6) How it’s dangerous talk about categories?
7) Is there a limit between performance and performative?
8) What is the difference between a performance and an installation?
9) Through the web you can record all that audience sees during performance and replay it
when and where you want… what is live?
10) Is performance didactic necessary to someone?