OLP is an acronym that stands for “On-Line Performance,” it is an artistic practice that is specific to the net:

An investigation of OLP could occur around the limits between issues of performance art and the nature of digital communities.
When applied to online performance, “time” and “space” obey rules that are different from flesh and bones performances.
Only through OLP could the action be spread to different locations, simultaneously, it could happen and be seen anywhere.
By using OLP artist and public relationship can radically change.
Internet can changes the way we document performances and their reproducibility.

The festival was totally on the web, so it was independent and free from the usual art system rules. Indeed, web performance could represent force that is corrosive for the contemporary art system. The direct experience between audience and artwork, unmediated by galleries, museums etc, could also more directly connect art practice with daily life.
The festival gives us the possibility to test this fertile ground together with other artists and critics, investigating the possibilities that OLP affords and its nature. Thanks to the web, we developed a method for working long distance. At the beginning this was a necessity, but, eventually, it become one of our research topics as well as a modus operandi. Long distance communication allowed us to be free of those constraints that are often associated with the production of art in today’s art establishment, to cut back our project production costs and also, ironically, to investigate “ether” communication limits and potential.