Performance Season promotes the research on performance art and the exploration and  development of OLP (on-line performances).
The festival is available on-line, making it possible to participate in the performance program and all festival activities.
The program includes performances and curator interviews in streaming,  an on-line archive, participating artists’ presentations and discussion forums on performance art themes.
Curators, artists and users can use the festival web channel for debates and for deepen their thought about on-line performance.

Aims and objectives:

To promote historical/critical/methodological research around performance art with a focus on OLP (on-line performance) testing and development. This is to say, to determine how OLP could open new perspectives in the practice of contemporary art, as well as on the relationship between notions of “public” and “private” and on audiences’ expectations of artists, while mediating these investigations through a approach that could be called “didactic”.
To research, spread and diversify the knowledge of performance art as an artistic practice based on the relationship between time, space and the human body.
To identify how contemporary artists are influenced by the various performative practices that constitute the history of visual art.
To encourage and facilitate the participation of artists from around the world and the creation of an international network around performance art.